Merchant Services Audit


The Signature Merchant Audit helps bring clarity to the Credit Card Processing industry, so organizations can reduce payment processing expenses. With our proprietary tools we audit and analyze credit card processing and provide clarity to Credit Card Processing and statements. The VMS Audit reveals helpful information and insights that can show you where your payment processing rates are and what improvements to the payment experience will generate the greatest return on investment.


As soon as we have a conversation with you around your merchant service experience and challenges, We’ll prepare a Merchant Audit Report (just for you!) that shows where your rates and what your challenges are now and where you may be able to do things even more effectively to get paid faster and create additional savings in the future.


CFO’s, Accountants, Business Owners, Practice Administrators, Controllers, Business Managers . . . will want to complete this audit IF . . . you’re serious about getting paid faster and saving money.


My staff at Virginia Merchant Services and I . . . will carefully review your audit to gather our thoughts on how you can get paid faster and save money . . . simply, easily, effectively and, with a 100% Fair Pricing Guarantee.


Your Signature Merchant Audit (a $500 value) is 100% FREE . . . with our compliments

Why do we offer a merchant audit? Good question. Simple answer.

We believe in giving you MORE VALUE, without charge, other merchant providers will charge you for even LESS VALUE. If you’re the right kind of person to work with us, we’ll both know it fairly soon. If not, we’ll know that, too.

We have nothing to fear by revealing how good it is to work with us. That’s why we invite you to learn just how good working with a Virginia Merchant Services Consultant can be – at NO RISK . . . to you!